Creating Content through Video Marketing

Most of us watch videos everyday, funny videos, music videos, educational videos etc. If so many people are watching videos, why not use them to your company’s advantage? Creating videos can set you apart from your competitors and make you stand out on social media.

Ensuring that your company is always producing content is very important. A video is a great way to diversify your company’s content that it is putting out. A short video may even be quicker and easier to produce than written blog post. If a video is done correctly, it can be aesthetically appealing and interactive while also giving consumers information about your company fast.

Many companies have already tapped into using videos, whether instructional or promotional.

Videos can be shared on so many platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, personal blogs and more! Videos can vary between a full-blown advertisement production to a simple 2-minute tip video.

Here are some possible Video Content ideas:

  • Advise: Post a video giving tips, tricks, and advice that relate to your brand. Your business has a special knowledge in your industry so why not share some of that knowledge! Showing your expertise on a subject may give your customers trust in your company’s abilities and in turn, they may reach out for more information.
  • A Thank You Video: If a customer or partner company has provided your organization with great help or business then why not show them your appreciation through a video! A video can show authenticity and show a more genuine regard than an email or even a card.
  • A tutorial/demo: If your company sells tangible products, it can be great to promote the product by showing how it can be used!
  • An introduction video: This type of video can be used on your company’s website homepage. This gives visitors the option to visualize what makes your company unique instead of reading the “About Us” section. 
  • Hold a Q&A- This type of video may not only be entertaining content for viewers but it can also let you and your company know what customers may have questions about and how to improve upon them.
  • Livestream: Live Streaming has become very popular in recent times. Live streaming important company news or events is a great way to produce easy content.
  • Customer testimonial- Bring in customers and have them say why they like your product or services. This type of video can be tricky because sometimes they can come off as not sincere or that the “customers” are really just paid actors, if not done correctly.
  • Create a “Day in the Office” vlog: This can help the company internally by highlighted your workers and what they do on a daily basis. Not only could this help your company culture it could build brand trust within a customer.
  • User Generated Videos: Create user generated content by hosting a contest where previous customers use your product or talk about why they like the product/service.
  • Other videos include: Facility tour, Training Videos, Webinar, E-News, Press Release

How to Choose which type of video is right for you?

Decide what how your company wants the customer to feel. Would you like to entertain, educate, convince customers of something, or would you like to educate them? Through videos, can be fun and entertaining, make sure they are still focused enough and have a call to action. Provide viewers with another step so they know what to do after watching.

Then decide how much time, money and effort will go into the video. Videos can be created by simply using a cell phone or video camera. It is up to you and your company to decide how much production time you want to put into the video.

If you would like a more professional, higher quality product consider partnering with a local video production company. Here at Siebert Advertising, we use Mosher Media, for all our production needs.

Overall, don’t shy away from videos to create online content for your business. It can diversify the content you already have and possibly even improve your SEO. If you need any tips or tricks for Video Marketing contact us or Mosher Media!


Influencer Marketing and Your Business

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What’s with Influencers and How Can They Help your Business?

Influencers are individuals that have revolutionized markets and have become their own new type of famous. Thanks to the rise of social media, there has been a rise in seemingly “normal” individuals gaining recognition in a certain field through the internet. These fields can range from beauty, comedy, gaming, lifestyle, fitness, cooking and so much more!!!

Influencers have created their own brands through social media platforms that have made them power players in the marketing arena. Many companies are now realizing the strength of marketing through these individuals because of their already loyal base of followers.

If companies are able to tap into this type of marketing, there is a chance of growing their audience and improving the way they connect with their customers. To first accurately take advantages of Influencer Marketing, your company must:

  1. First, identify Influencers within your company’s niche or industry.
  2. Make a list based on how certain Influencer’s specific audience sizes and types fit with your business. Also ensure that their approach, aesthetic, and culture relate to your brand.
  3. Next, make a connection!! Often times Influencers have their business emails in their one or all of their social media platforms.
  4. Finally, create a partnership with Influencers that will allow them to promote your product!

There are different ways this partnership can play out in terms of content.

  • Influencers can take simply take a picture with your product and post in on social media. They can tag your company’s social media or even a direct link for purchase for consumers to follow. This is good from companies with tangible everyday products. Such as fashion items, household items, workout equipment, food, supplements and more!
  • Interview an Influencer that might have a special knowledge of the field your company is in. This will create content for your site! Linking a well-known name to your site may also help get traffic there!
  • Have the Influencer create a review of the product whether through a blog post or video.  Having an individual, like an Influencer, that the consumer views as a trustworthy source is optimal.

Which Influencer is right for you?

There are different levels of Influencers. Some studies have found that the “sweet spot” for the level of followers an Influencer has is between 10,000 to 100,000 range. This range between 10,000 to 100,000 followers is known as a “micro-influencer”. Any less than 10,0000 followers, the reach may not be worth it to sponsor a post. Anymore than 100,000 followers might be costly and not produce as many leads as you may think. Consequently, it was actually found that Influencers that have between 1 million to 10 million followers only have about 1.7% of followers liking their posts.

In the photo above, there is a mix of levels of Influencers. From micro-Influencers to Influencers with millions of followers. Forbes has a great list they have compiled of some of the Top Influencers in each field.

So How Do You Know if Influencer Marketing is Worth it?

It’s been proven! One study showed that campaigns that used Influencers to promote their business or product showed a 10x increase in conversion rates! Another study polled marketers from different industries, out of those marketers 94% had said that Influencer marketing is in fact effective!

Generally, Influencer Marketing is a good thing to just even try out! Often times it’s much cheaper than other types of marketing. One report showed that 60% of brands “rarely” or “never” give compensation to their Brand Influencers. Instead, they give Influencers the product for free to try and promote. While this may be cost effective, it may not always be the best way to do business while making healthy, long lasting connections. We would suggest setting aside a small amount of compensation for brand partners.

Overall, here at Siebert Advertising, we would suggest seeing how Influencers can help promote your business! Contact Us to analyzing your business to connect you with the BEST influencers in your field!

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